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The platform and the services offered on it are owned and operated by BrandON Enterprises Limited, LLC. SteveHarveyDeals’ mission is to provide an innovative collaborative platform where Big Brands can scale their marketing efforts to offer exclusive deals for an expanding fan base feeding our natural hunger for the #THRILLoftheDEAL.

SteveHarveyDeals is a partnership platform based on an affiliate marketing model. That means, we negotiate exclusive deals for our Fans that are hosted on our website to Thrill our Fans by providing them with more for less so they can invest in themselves to strive to be their best self yet. We do receive a commission from our Brand Partners if our Fans click through from and make a purchase. Note, that we ONLY partner with trusted Brand Partners that align with our values, mission, and vision.

The most profound relationships are created by people who choose to go all-in together. At BrandON Enterprises Limited, we are the all-in team and look forward to exploring a deeper relationship with our partners to accelerate revenue growth and bring meaningful opportunities to the table.

The team of BrandON Enterprises develops platforms, relationships, and expertise to create integrated partner ecosystems spanning all vertical industries. This model is anchored and accelerated by deep strategic relationships and partnerships that we align to the interests of our initiatives.

When a brand joins, a BrandON Enterprises’ platform, they’re locking arms with other BIG BRANDS and an ICONIC Entertainment Influencer to reach the masses. Backed by the NOISE MAKERS of THRILLCommunications
to ensure that SteveHarveyDeals and its Brand Partners are THRILLING Industry, Media and Consumers with creative storytelling to transform these audiences into FANS! #thrillofthedeal


Collaboration is core to the way we form Brand Partnerships. When we lock arms, scale our resources and efforts we can provide more to each other, the fan and the community. If your company is interested in partnering with please reach out to Steve Gertz of BrandON Enterprises Limited, LLC (a Rhythmic Ventures’ Portfolio Company). Click here to email Steve.


For all media inquiries please reach out to the PR team at THRILL Communications. Click here to email THRILL Communications.